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3.2.18 - 3.8.18

Little Laos on the Prairie: 10 Lao Diaspora Women You Should Know in 2018 

-  Fashion Icon & Founder of the Moda Box, Monica Phromsavanh, speaks about her hurdles and discoveries of becoming an innovative entrepreneur. 

- This year’s Oscar nominees are more diverse. Is Hollywood shifting in a new direction for gender parity and racial diversity? Oscar winner, Frances McDormand, ended her speech by calling for more actors to have inclusion riders in their contracts.

- This year has brought some victories for Asian Americans behind-the-scenes. Kazuhiro Tsuji is the first Asian American to win an Oscar for Best Makeup & Hairstyling!

- Asian American actors Jake Choi and Henry Golding both book big network mainstream media tv shows and movies. 

- #LaoFoodMovement Chef Seng listed as one of the semifinalists in the 2018 James Beard AwardsJames Syhabout continues his press tour with Food & Wine discussing his end goal with Lao Food. 

Narintohn Luangrath shares her take on the current events along with her families immigration journey on Baltimore Sun

- Clare Ramirez, discusses how she has more in common with undocumented immigrants than other Americans. 

Congressman Jim Costa continues his advocacy for securing recognition and honor for Lao American veterans serving alongside American armed forces during the "Secret War" 

All-China Women's Federation gave equipment and supplies to the Lao Women's Union to further improve the conditions at all levels. 

- New satellite installed to supplement existing telecommunications infrastructure in Laos. 

- The Lao government took steps to reverse illegal wildlife trafficking and environmental crimes. 

- For your listening or viewing pleasure: Kulap Vilaysack guests on Unladylike Podcast, "Lao Diaspora" DJ Vannasnone Keodara guests on Here & Now's DJ SessionsSeraphina Lotkhamnga created a Spotify Playlist, and Ruby Ibarra dropped her most recent music video







2.23.18 - 3.1.18

- The SEAD Project: Spring Language Courses to Learn Lao now open for registration!

- Community leader Nor Sanavongsay is donating his birthday to, Sahtu Press, one of the nation’s first Lao American-owned and staffed literary publishers.

- James Syhabout continues his press tour to promote his cookbook and autobiography, Hawker Fare. He visits The Splendid Table and LA news source KTLA.

- Exploring the Asian American model minority in two ways, the different relationship with politics than other racial minorities and the Southeast Asian community, a population born from refugees and resettlement

- Jared Leto stars as a white man who becomes head of the Yakuza. Oh, brother. 

- President Trump threatens to remove ICE from the state of California. Go ahead. 

- Artist Sisavanh Houghton is exhibiting now at the Lauren Rogers Museum Of Art

- Asian-American Women In Hollywood Say It’s Twice As Hard For Them To Say #MeToo 

- At least three global surveys disclosed their findings recently, with all three indicating that Laos is going backwards in term of in global development rankings. 

- A TECH firm chief temporarily swapped his day job for the dusty roads and soaring mountains of Laos in a bid to clear unexploded landmines.

- Despite working with limited funds, state censorship, and only having three working cinemas in the country - local directors are creating a thriving film industry in Laos. 

- Recognizing the potential and prospect to develop tourism, the Lao government is determined to bring the tourist rate up exponentially. 

- Laos is pushing hard to meet United Nations (UN) development targets. The government risks bankrupting the nation in the process.

- UNILAD Adventure captures the beauty of Laos with drone footage.

- Two restaurants are open, "ma der, ma der!" Zaap Kitchen in Dallas, TX and Lao Bar in Seattle, Washington. 

- New Business Alert: Online retailer Talaat Sao!