3.9.18 - 3.15.18


2.23.18 - 3.1.18

- The SEAD Project: Spring Language Courses to Learn Lao now open for registration!

- Community leader Nor Sanavongsay is donating his birthday to, Sahtu Press, one of the nation’s first Lao American-owned and staffed literary publishers.

- James Syhabout continues his press tour to promote his cookbook and autobiography, Hawker Fare. He visits The Splendid Table and LA news source KTLA.

- Exploring the Asian American model minority in two ways, the different relationship with politics than other racial minorities and the Southeast Asian community, a population born from refugees and resettlement

- Jared Leto stars as a white man who becomes head of the Yakuza. Oh, brother. 

- President Trump threatens to remove ICE from the state of California. Go ahead. 

- Artist Sisavanh Houghton is exhibiting now at the Lauren Rogers Museum Of Art

- Asian-American Women In Hollywood Say It’s Twice As Hard For Them To Say #MeToo 

- At least three global surveys disclosed their findings recently, with all three indicating that Laos is going backwards in term of in global development rankings. 

- A TECH firm chief temporarily swapped his day job for the dusty roads and soaring mountains of Laos in a bid to clear unexploded landmines.

- Despite working with limited funds, state censorship, and only having three working cinemas in the country - local directors are creating a thriving film industry in Laos. 

- Recognizing the potential and prospect to develop tourism, the Lao government is determined to bring the tourist rate up exponentially. 

- Laos is pushing hard to meet United Nations (UN) development targets. The government risks bankrupting the nation in the process.

- UNILAD Adventure captures the beauty of Laos with drone footage.

- Two restaurants are open, "ma der, ma der!" Zaap Kitchen in Dallas, TX and Lao Bar in Seattle, Washington. 

- New Business Alert: Online retailer Talaat Sao!