Past LADS Newsletters

August 2019: Asian representation in media, and specifically Southeast Asian representation

July 2019: Self-care with Rita Phetmixay

June (May & April) 2019: Laos Angeles: What We’ve Achieved So Far & the Future

March 2019: Influential AAPI Women with Michelle Sugihara of CAPE

February 2019: Asian-Americans supporting Black History Month with Rita Phetmixay & David Sun

January 2019: Discussing future goals for Laos Angeles

October 2018: Voting, politics, and community building with Kulap Vilaysack

September 2018: The effects of technology with Souphan Keodouangkham

August 2018: Asian-American visibility

July 2018: Laos Angeles now and in the future

June 2018: Supporting the Laotian American National Alliance (LANA) with Jonathan Vorasane