LAOS ANGELES ROOTS, the local La/OC community 

Our Mission: Create a safe, supportive and positive space for those who self identify as LaOTIAN and their significant others.

After living in LA for 20 years, executive director Kulap Vilaysack could count the number of Lao folk she ran into in one hand. Inspired by the Lao community organization and advocacy of Legacies of War and Lao Writers Summit, she started a closed Facebook group in October 2017. Beginning with the handful she knew, the group has grown beyond 145 members-- a brand new Laotian community rooted in Los Angeles. 

Email for more information on how you can apply to be added to the group. 

Shot, edited and scored by Andrew David Vilaythong

Laos Angeles Roots Collaborations

Laos Angeles Beach Day

Directed by Sydney Viengluang

Music By Andrew david vilaythong

starring Olivia Mekdara, Somlit Inthalangsy, Andrew David Vilaythong, and Sydney Viengluang

Laos Angeles Roots DIRECTORY

Los Angeles / Orange County based Lao Americans


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Intro To Acting Workshop

Hosted by Brian Sounalath

Lao Cuisine Cooking Class

Instructed by Saengthong Douangdara, sponsored and hosted by The Gourmandise School 


Social Media Workshop 

Hosted By Dana Dang


Building a Career in Entertainment Workshop

Hosted By Kulap Vilaysack at The Jane Club